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Directions: In this section, you are asked to write an essay based on the following chart. In your writing, you should

1)Interpret the chart and

2)Give your comments.

You should write at least 150 words.




Given is a column chart, which clearly illustrates the striking changes in the number of Chinese overseas students who came back to China from 2007 to 2018.The number ascended gradually from 44 thousand in 2007 to 519 thousand in 2018.

There are several reasons accounting for the increase above. To begin with, in recent years, China was characterized by its boom and prosperity in economy, which created a large number of employment opportunities, attracting Chinese overseas students to hunt for jobs after studying abroad. In addition, compared with the past years, China issued more favorable policies to encourage the return of overseas students. Last but not least, some of them fail to find ideal jobs in the foreign country where they pursued a degree.

As a youngster, I deem that it is of great necessity for the authorities to work out comprehensive strategies to attract more excellent Chinese overseas students, who can contribute to the development of our homeland.


所给的是一个柱状图,清楚地显示了 2007年至2018年回国的中国留学生数量的显著变化。这一数字从2007年的4. 4万人逐渐上升到2018年的51. 9万人。






Directions: Write an essay of 160 ~ 200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

① describe the drawing briefly,

② explain its intended meaning, and

③ give your comments.



The cartoon depicts that a strong person is trying to find gold out of a huge stone. Holding an ax with his firm hands, he is hewing out of the stone of despair a piece of precious gold. The caption indicates that, “ Only through innovation can we make progress, while sticking to old ways means regression.”

The purpose of the drawing is to show us that utmost importance should be attached to innovation and creativity. To begin with, the spirit of innovation could be said to be the watchword or motto of science. Think about the in numerable scientific experiment must be carried out, all the laboratory tests, all the live trials, before a new medicine or vaccine is discovered. In addition, many of today s business successes can be attributed to innovation. For instance, I personally worked in such a company. It was only after four years and four tries of different business models that its entrepreneur finally succeeded, and became the chairman of one of the largest Internet companies.

To sum up, in any field of endeavour, whether it be in medicine, engineering or in business, it seems necessary to put great emphasis on innovation before one can finally achieve success. it is as i f life is testing us, testing our innovation and creativity to see if we are really dedicated to our dream, before life finally rewards us with success.


这幅漫画描绘了一个强壮的人正试图从一块巨石中找到黄金。他用坚定的双手举着一把斧头,从绝望之石中开采出珍贵的金子。文字说明显示: “ 创新才能发展,守业就是退步。”

这幅漫画的目的是告诉我们应该高度重视创新。首先,创新精神可以说是科学研究的信条。想想看,只有在进行了无数次的科学实验、 实验检测和活体实验之后,才能发明出一种新药物或新疫苗。其次,创新也是当今许多企业能够成功的原因。比如,我本人曾在这样一家公司工作过。这家公司曾经尝试了四种不同的商业模式,历经四年才取得成功。这家企业的创办人也成为最大的互联网公司之一的董事长。



Directions: Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the following drawing. In your essay, you should

1)describe the drawing briefly,

2) explain it's intended meaning, and

3) give your comments.

You should write neatly on ANSWER SHEET 2.1(20 points)



This is a simple, funny but thought-provoking cartoon: in front of a photographer stands a star, holding a bottle of pills and claiming that“I have tried and it is effective!” Obviously, we can notice a secret scene—the maker/manufacturer of the drug is paying for his advertisement fees.

Such a picture can be naturally associated with a host of dishonest advertisements. Today, an increasing number of stars advertise for various products on TVs, radios, the Internet and newspapers. This trend is particularly worth concerning for the reason that some manufacturers and celebrities focus much eyesight on profits, ignoring the quality of products.It is their dishonest behaviors that cause the public to be cheated. To my understanding, honesty can be likened to a bridge, which helps many companies to gain customers. As a vital virtue, honesty brings corporations good credit, arouses their enthusiasm for better service and helps them create better market. Unfortunately, many false ads or promises have constituted an obstacle that hinders public's trust for some brands.

As a customer, I am convinced that it is of no necessity for stars or manufacturers to exaggerate their goods in media. The society as a whole should foster a positive atmosphere to refuse, criticize and restrain false ads.


这是一幅简单、有趣但发人深省的漫画:一位摄影师面前站着一位明星,手里拿着一瓶药丸,声称“我试过了,而且很有效!” 显然,我们可以注意到一个秘密场景,药品制造商正在支付广告费。



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